Clients as Your Business Ambassadors

To build strong and positive memories with your clients, set out to exceed their expectations with clinical excellence and outstanding customer service. This serves your clients optimally and authentically builds brand ambassadors who readily message what you do. With this exceptional foundation in place, here are 5 ways to ethically encourage your delighted clients to spread the word about your business.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful part of your private practice marketing strategy. It is okay to encourage your current clients to tell their friends about your services. At the end of your newsletter have a call to action for readers to forward the email to anybody who they know may be interested.


Introductions. Many of your clients will be part of a large support network including paediatrician, school settings, hospitals, and other allied health professionals. Parents may be very happy to introduce you to the assistant principal, kinder director, medical specialists via email. This eases the awkward self-introductions and explanations. It is ok to respectfully request another person’s introduction to smooth communications.

Facebook Call to Action

Facebook Call to Action. Plan and schedule targeted and super interesting content to hit your business page daily. Add photos, videos, Facebook live, shares, and more, so that the information is a relevant resource for your clients. Invite people to follow your page. With value in place, it is OK to request people to comment, answer a question, complete a poll and share the content by forwarding it to their pages or groups.

Client-centric Service

Build a client-centric service. The best businesses are built from the ground up, based on their clients, ideas, wants and needs. Increasingly, private practices are capturing and using client feedback and suggestions. Clients are starting to participate in business planning meetings, marketing planning and activities. It is OK to invite clients to join the discussions.

Client Generated Content

Client generated content. Clients have powerful stories to tell and many are willing to publically share aspects of their lives. This is sharing a human story, not seeking a testimonial. Consider how this generosity could be woven into your newsletter, blog, or Facebook content. With a gentle call to action, readers may readily share with their networks and spread the word.

You may have other ways of facilitating your clients to step forward as business ambassadors. I would love to hear them. Some clients may be happy to distribute your business cards, others may like to provide a parent blog or introduce you to their child’s school leadership team. As business owners, it is good to consider these options and encourage them as ethically comfortable for you.

Cathy works as a Paediatric Private Practice business coach.  Her lived private practice experience and management know how may be just what you and your business need.  Get in touch today and book your free 30 minute consult.