Streamlining your Practice: Client Onboarding

How many new clients do you welcome into your private practice each month? Have you ever considered the time and energy spent on the onboarding process for these clients? If you haven’t invested in setting up this process correctly, chances are you regularly find yourself cutting corners to get the client onboard, or worse still, your clients experience onboarding delays due to the flow of information or information processing.

Streamlining your client onboarding process has untold benefits to both you and your clients. By putting consideration into your process and making it simple to follow with limited touch points, you can expedite the time between initial contact and first booking, meaning more income for you quicker, with less effort.

So, where do you start?

It starts with initial contact and setting boundaries. Define HOW you want to receive referrals and direct queries. Direct email queries are difficult to track and you will almost always have to reply asking for more information. Start the process on the right foot by employing electronic forms (Jot Form, Lead Capture Forms, etc.) that ask ALL the questions you need to begin the onboarding process. Electronic forms and website lead capture forms are quick and easy to implement.

After you receive the initial contact (with ALL of the information you need), you can decide if you want to take on the client or offer the services of alternate providers. Streamline this process by pre-defining your responses and save them as ‘Canned Emails’ in your email program. When you receive a referral or direct query through your electronic form or lead capture form, you can quickly apply the relevant canned email and tailor it as needed.

When you take a client on, what are you going to do with their details?

How will they book their appointments with you? What key information do they need before they walk into your practice or join your telehealth call? I am a huge advocate of practice management systems and customer relationship management systems that enable you to create client profiles, offer online appointment gateways, and integrate invoicing. Spend time to create a ‘Welcome Pack’ that you can send to your new client with a booking link to make their appointment, your fee schedule, things to bring to their next appointment, etc. With some clever integrations, you can even get this step happening automatically.

The beauty of crafting your onboarding process is that it only needs to be done once, and then it goes on auto-pilot, only demanding your attention at set times in the process. So, have a think about your onboarding process, and whether it could use some streamlining.

Karina Follent – Pro Assist.

Cathy works as a Paediatric Private Practice business coach.  Her lived private practice experience and management know how may be just what you and your business need.  Get in touch today and book your free 30 minute consult.