Challenging Yourself & Taking Risks in Business

Challenging yourself and taking risks in business may seem like a foreign concept. It’s a scary thought, one that we aren’t accustomed to since taking the easy road is…well…easy.

But does “easy” really get you anywhere? Is “easy” allowing you to achieve the outcomes you want as a business owner? 

Stories like Holly Puckering’s, Director of Mouth Works Therapy Centre in Tasmania, are what many of us need in a time like this. COVID-19 has stripped away our plans, shifted the way we deliver services, and changed life as we know it in general.

Holly’s practice has been lucky enough to achieve exponential growth in the past two years, but a lot of that growth has been during the pandemic.

Through taking some risks and challenging herself, Mouth Works has expanded both physically and financially. 

With so many of us struggling through these times, it’s refreshing and inspiring to hear Holly’s journey. From her practice’s agility to adapt to COVID, to reimagining clinical pathways to clients, Holly tells-all in the latest PPMP Podcast episode.

She gives us some critical insights on how to establish psychological safety among her team, steps to grow far beyond the ol’ bricks-and-mortar, and creating a strong leadership team.

Even though you’ll have to listen to the episode to get the full picture, we’re giving a quick rundown of some of the key talking points from our fabulous discussion.



Coaching Clients to Embrace New Clinical Pathways

One of the biggest obstacles that Holly faced at the onset of COVID was reimagining clinical pathways for clients. In order to survive and thrive, her team needed to overcome barriers surrounding service education and data provision to prep clients for what her team can do.

Do your clients have access and clear knowledge about the options available to them once they get off that waiting list?

There’s no doubt that Holly’s practice experienced a mixture of feedback. They were met with a combination of “Oh yes, let’s do it!” and, “Oh, I’m not so sure.”

It was certainly a massive challenge they had to overcome, but it was also a big wake-up call. 

Through taking that risk of doing a full revamp on their website and socials, educating through different means, they were able to pinpoint the exact needs of each client.

With a hybrid telehealth model, Holly’s been able to give incredible value to clients. Rather than trading time for money, it’s been about trading value for money. They’ve given their clients a sense of self-empowerment.

You’ll hear how Holly’s practice achieved rapid results through these new clinical pathways in the full episode.


The Importance of Establishing a Leadership Team

Holly gushes about the strong collaborative spirit that lives within her leadership team. From delegating to brainstorming, she’s given them more insight into the financials of the business, and kept things highly responsive.

Holly and her husband, Steve, are a team when it comes to their business. She’s discovered the importance of creating a leadership team with more than just health professionals. 

They’re able to challenge each other constantly and juggle opinions, but that’s where the beauty lies. A leadership team with people from different backgrounds brings a plethora of different, fresh perspectives.

And what happens with new perspectives? Learning opportunities. And what comes from learning curves? Growth.

A balanced management team means more collaboration, where everybody has a voice at the table. You should all feel safe to challenge each other and bring new ideas to the table that perhaps you hadn’t thought of before.


Maintaining Psychological Safety Within Your Team

Do your clinicians feel like their objectives and passions are being reflected? Are they being fully supported to be able to achieve their goals?

As you’ll hear from Holly, staff retention is hard. But she’s managed to give her team a sense of career progression, which is what has helped her business grow.

It may be a challenge for some, but keeping her messaging forthright and honest helped build healthy mindsets and a strong culture within Holly’s team.

Her staff feel inspired and focused, and they feel safe and confident when giving feedback.

Holly recognised the importance of knowing that her team’s wellbeing and psychological health were far, far greater than trying to push projects forward. Her management team didn’t stop working on said projects, but simply changed their expectations, adjusting them to the context of grief, anxiety, and fear.


Adapting to COVID-19

When thinking about challenging yourself and taking risks in business, perhaps the first thing that pops into your mind is: COVID, COVID, COVID.

Is now really the time to be taking risks? Isn’t COVID unpredictable enough as it is?

Well, as Holly proves, taking risks really can pay off. Even during the pandemic. In her own words: “Even if we’re not getting it right, we are rising to the challenge.”

Holly asks you to question yourself on the reasons why you’re putting things on hold due to the pandemic. What core values are you holding onto that are stopping you from trying to push what you’re doing into new domains?

We are in a position of great change. It’s easy to get scared, but this is a time when challenging yourself and taking risks in business can pay off even more than life pre-COVID.

Think outside the box. Try that idea you’ve been hiding at the back of your diary. Now’s the time to let go of all those 200-year-old models we’ve been working with. Now’s the time to innovate and create.

In this episode, Holly opens our minds to the wonderful outcomes we can have in 18 months, two years, five years from now. The proof will be in the pudding over the next months and years. 

We’re going to see the results of risk and daring courage that occurred during the pandemic, and that’s where you can choose to challenge yourself and your internal values. Don’t let this year hold you back.

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