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Very exciting news coming to you on our podcast today! We are doing something different this 2020. As you all know, we are known for our virtual conferences which we have done over the past years. But this year, we are doing a retreat. Yes, you heard that right! A 2-day Private Practice Retreat on June 12 and 13 in the beautiful Kingscliff NSW at Mantra on Salt Beach.

The private practice business retreat is all ready to launch and early bird tickets are now available as we speak. This is a very small intimate workshop work-together retreat environment that will help you get shifting towards business brilliance. 


The reason why we are doing a retreat

We want to add value to allied health business owners in Australia and worldwide. We have mapped out a very cool program that will allow us to co-work with you – allied health business owners – to provide guidance and support to help you work on your business, strategy, projects, and so much more. You’ll be able to ask questions and network with like-minded peers because we all know how shared wisdom is so amazing when facilitators and business owners are all in one room together.


The benefits of stepping out from a business to a resort environment.

The retreat will have a supportive, respectful and creative environment that will allow you to do your best business thinking, work on your business, network, ask me and my amazing facilitator whatever you want. It’s an all-access pass!

The events will be energizing and will help you release tension, habitual thinking, self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and trade it for laser thinking, understanding and confidence-building.

This isn’t an event where you’re going to sit in a dark room looking at a ton of PowerPoint slides and copying things down. We will be engaging in a deep-dive, facilitated workshop approach that will have lots of time dedicated to core business topics.


Who this retreat is made for

This is ideal for allied health business owners who have growing teams. They may have more business growth than they know what to do with. They are clinicians who are trying to run a business but are really needing to shift up towards becoming much more team facing and much more of a CEO.

The goal of a business that serves you is completely doable. Business optimisation is also absolutely possible. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but it’s possible. I’ve seen it happen and I’ve done it myself.

Our goal is to make you more CEO ready – shifting business gears to a business that serves you, shifting your thinking, knowledge, and confidence so that you are CEO material in your own business


My co-facilitator on the 2-day private practice business retreat

The Facilitator joining me in the 2-day private practice business retreat is none other than Chantelle Robards. Chantel is a speech pathologist by trade and has worked extensively in the disability sector. We know and love her as the allied health provider advocate in the NDIS space. She is a great presenter, facilitator and incredibly generous, accurate and familiar with the NDIS and business development.


Core topics we are going to be digging into

These are the topics we believe that will make you brilliant as a CEO and will make your business shift gears towards being optimised to serve you.

  • Love your outstanding team long time – the serious secrets of team retention
  • Delighted customers rave about you – looking at the nuts and bolts of how to plan an extraordinary customer experience from entry to exit
  • How to accelerate your authentic leadership skills- designing your own personal leadership development  plans
  • Amplifying your personal productivity – how to optimise your energy and your effectiveness
  • Surf the NDIS wave of opportunity – audit, allied health assistance, and other awesome.
  • Expanding your business IQ – create your genius business strategy and action plan.
  • From Xero to financial hero – learn the mechanics of business profit.


We wholeheartedly believe that the most amazing things can happen if allied health business owners invest in themselves, their leadership skills, business IQ, productivity, habits, financial knowledge, marketing and all of those other bits and pieces.

We can’t wait to meet you and guide you on the way, provide you with the most remarkable experience to get out of routine, get out of the rat race, clear your minds, gather your energy, and have a supported space for working on your business.

Book your tickets now!

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