Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance

This “invitation only” program creates powerful trusted connections, significant industry insights and outstanding business results.

Ready to scale? Ready for sustainability? Ready for sale?

Ready to connect with elite owners and take your business to the next level?

Your business is running well but are you ready to:

  • Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs to create a brilliant business that runs without you?
  • Own the market, establish your authority and scale your business?
  • Tap into powerful insights and guidance to rapidly improve all areas of business?

Join this exclusive program to turn your business into a valuable asset.

What’s in the Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance box?

Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance
Boardroom Meetings

Cathy Love facilitates three 2-day meetings per year for exponential learning, advice and strategic planning.

Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance
Board Member Roundtable

Maintain Momentum. Facilitated by Cathy Love. Harness the brainstrust for industry insights and sounding board clarity.

Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance
24/7 Boardroom Brainstrust

Active and supportive community for questions, suggestions, bonus content and live updates to ensure your momentum. 

One-on-one Business Coaching
Performance Dashboard

Share your actions, results and track progress with Cathy’s full surveillance and support.

Accelerate Business Success
Guest Speaker Zones

Discuss to Discover. Seasonal conversations with guests covering critical industry topics, news and network opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance
Board Reports

Documented Progress.
Analyze and record your business progress in a structured timely format.

Business Training Australia
Live Business Training

Fast tracked knowledge. Access monthly LIVE business training with Cathy Love and industry experts.

Entrepreneurs United

Boardroom Bonanza
Annual event connecting all EBA clients for gathering business gold.

Accelerate Business Success
Practical Business Resources

Save time and stress. Benefit from the growing library of workbooks, templates and fact sheets.

Accelerate Business Success
Priority Discount Pricing

Front row service! Receive juicy discounts on all Nacre Consulting and partner events.

Accelerate Business Success
Recommended Reading

Short list inspiration. Work through our list of highly recommended books and podcasts.

Accelerate Business Success
Every Event Recorded

Don’t miss a thing. Every event and conference session recording available on demand.

Accelerate Business Success
Industry Partner Introductions

Support and collaboration with others who get the Allied Health business sector.

Entrepreneurial Boardroom Alliance
Members Momentum Call

30 minute one-on-one laser coaching sessions with industry expert coach as required.

One-on-one Business Coaching
Financial Analysis

Invite Cathy to participate at financial meetings as required and review financial reports, budgets, projections, and more.

How To Get Your Seat At The Table?

EBA is an exclusive invitation only program available to our high flying clients. 
This life changing program positions allied health business owners to truly create a business that serves them the time, money and joy they deserve. 
Book your Power Call to explore how we can work together. 
Incredible collegiate support to drive your personal and business development
Access Cathy Love, industry experts and shared insights for rapid results
Reclaim your time, own your profit whilst joyfully scaling your business

What our clients say

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

Oprah Winfrey

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