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Building An Allied Health Team

There is a question I get asked a couple of times a week: How do I build a team? When I’m asked this question, people aren’t always referring to their clinical team, often they’re talking about their admin team. I am a big fan of bringing admin into the business before you bring in clinical […]

Emma Small Interview – Manual Handling In The Allied Health Sector

The allied health sector is all about caring, but often it’s the health of the caregivers themselves that’s overlooked or not handled as well. In this episode I chat with Emma Small, an “entrepreneurial Occupational Therapist and co-founder of NSW-based company, Risk Managed. Emma’s background is in working with people with disabilities and care organisations. […]

Ep.50 The Why, What and How of Self-Publishing for Small Business Owners with Michael Hanrahan

There is considerable value in being a published author as a professional. In this episode, I talk to Michael Hanrahan, the Director of Publishing at Michael Hanrahan Publishing (MHP) in Melbourne. MHP helps professionals and small business owners self-publish their books. Michael has been in publishing for his entire working career, starting with Wrightbooks, a […]

Ep. 52 Trudy De Silva – Stress-Free Business Tips

It’s everyone’s dream to operate a stress-free business but is it actually possible when dealing with the everyday challenges of the NDIS? It seems it’s not impossible. In this episode, I talk to Trudy De Silva, a Speech and Language Pathologist. She is also Director of De Silva Kids Clinic, a multidisciplinary private practice offering […]

Ep. 53 Jenny Pither – The Value Of Having A Virtual Assistant For Your Allied Health

Administration work is of paramount importance for any business, but it often takes too muchtime. Outsourcing work to a Virtual Admin Assistant can free up your time whilst keeping overheads low. It’s a win-win. To highlight the value of Virtual Assistants, I interviewed Jenny Pither, founding director of Allied Health Admin Services, with more than […]

Ep. 54 Interview with Lisa Fruhstuck: Providing Opportunities For Your Local Community

Running a successful private allied health practice depends on many things, but one of the key elements that can sometimes be underestimated is knowing and understanding your local community. In this interview Lisa Fruhstuck, director and speech pathologist extraordinaire at Shine Early Intervention, shares her secrets for running a successful private practice and providing opportunities […]