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What You Should Know Before Setting up a Small Business

When setting up your small business, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the necessary checkpoints including choosing a business structure, registering your business name, and developing your business plan. We set out what questions you should first ask to ensure your chances of your business running smoothly. Have you chosen a Business Structure? What business […]

What’s in a business name?

In conversation with allied health professionals last week, several stated how unique my business name was. ‘You really should write about that’ said one, ‘… yes, it is a cool concept and your logo is perfect for it” said another. So here goes with the tale of naming Nacre Consulting. Nacre is actually a real […]

Where Should My Child Have Their Therapy?

As a parent of a child with special needs, there is nearly always a lot going on. There are appointments to attend, phone calls to make and many conversations with professionals, businesses and government agencies. Parents tell me that it often feels as if everybody else is speaking a difference language, pulling you in a […]

Why you should use a teacher questionnaire.

I very much enjoyed presenting the ‘Therapy In School’s Cool’ workshop with Megan Ingram Speech Pathologist on Monday. The energetic group of speech pathologists and occupational therapists shared their comments, questions and ideas generously, I learn a lot when I present workshops. During the research phase the is reading and collaborating with experts and co […]