Audit your HR documents to ensure compliance

When was the last time you critically reviewed all your position descriptions, contracts and HR chapters of your policy and procedure manual? EEK, time flies doesn’t it! This task often gets allocated to ‘the holidays’ then the holidays disappear and the task remains unloved. Here are a few pointers on what to review and why to you needs to do it. At the end of the day, I am super keen for you to avoid the escalating Fairwork fines.

As your private practice grows it is highly likely that the specific roles people have will change. So too will the way you want things done. It is important to identify and document the current roles, systems and requirements of all of your team members. And this applies to both clinical and admin teammates. Reviewing the position descriptions is a good activity to do around the table at team meetings. It is always fascinating to observe the impact business progress has had on peoples roles and tasks. The value of this work is that you can confidently recruit with up to date information and anchor documents. You can also make adjustments to performance development expectations and activities for your team.

I always suggest that you purchase the HR chapters of your policy and procedure manual as aspects of it are legally binding. Here is an Employee Manual product to look at. This employee manual is Australian built, reportedly Fairwork compliant and used across a range of industries by businesses of different sizes.

Letters of an offer, employment or engagement contracts also have a use by date. I’d like to suggest that you review your contracts at least annually and certainly read through them with an eagle eye prior to engaging a new recruit. An annual review by your HR advisor or lawyer is a super smart investment.

Natasha Hawker CEO of Employee Matters is determined to help allied health business owners grow their businesses by engaging team members in the best possible way. Lucky for us she is incredibly knowledgeable, an energetic presenter and booked to present LIVE at the Paediatric Private Practice Virtual Conference – Love your future. We can’t wait as we know you will gain incredible information from her session.

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