Top 5 Lessons in Running A Private Practice

I had the chance to interview Amanda Abel of the Northern Centre for Child Development and she shares with us the top 5 biggest lessons she has learned in running a private practice and recently opening her 2nd clinic location.

Amanda combines her knowledge on behavior modification with the attachment principles from the Circle of Security Parenting® (COS-P) training program to provide families with practical strategies that are sensitive and responsive to their child’s emotional needs.


 #1 Trust your gut.
Trust your gut especially with recruitment and big decisions that you need to make quickly.


#2 Take your time.
The sense of pressure for other people to make decisions really quickly is very high and it’s okay for you to say that you need time to think about it something if you’re not prepared to make an immediate decision about it.


#3 Learn how to streamline the business and have it run effectively without you.
This is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your business – streamline your business so that it can run without you having to micromanage everything that happens.


#4 Recruit people based on their personality.
Amanda has built a beautiful, passionate and dedicated team because she hires people based on their personality. She says that if the person isn’t nice, then having that person in their team isn’t an option. “In my team, I’ve got a mix of new grads and more experienced people on the team and watching them support each other is amazing.’


#5 Don’t be scared to spend money.
You have to spend money to make money – do it right from the start. Spend the money and invest in your business.

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