How Cloud Based HR and WHS Platforms Help Grow Your Team and Business

Paper-based files and reports are now a thing of the past. In this world of smart technology, it is imperative that your businesses also jump on the bandwagon to make it efficient, effective, and future-ready. One of the most important things that you need to focus on and develop is your Human Resources (HR) and Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS)

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Growing your business with the help of cloud-based HR and WHS Programs

As you know, I am all for bringing in technology into business. HR and WHS are two important aspects that I feel we need to give equal business attention and love. Whether you like it or not, you need HR and WHS documents. This is because you have legal obligations when you bring in any kind of team in your business – clinical, admin, HR, etc. It doesn’t matter what kind of employment they have. You still have legal obligations to keep them safe and engage them in a legally compliant way.

Cloud-based HR and WHS programs can help you run your business efficiently and effectively. Numerous cloud-based HR and WHS programs are now readily available at your fingertips and there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the wonderful benefits they offer in helping your team and business grow. They are your partners walking with you side-by-side and guiding you and your team every step of the way.


Options for getting HR and WHS Documents for your business

The HR and WHS part of your business is a highly specialized one where laws and very tight regulations around how you engage staff, how you handle them, keep them safe and take care of their workplace experience. It is legally compliant.

Writing your own documents

Writing your own HR and WHS documents might be a minefield for you. You do not know what you do not know and it’s because of this that you need to get experts to help you out – someone who knows it inside out.

Purchasing documents

Purchasing documents is an option that you may consider. There is an organization that provides this and is very much legally compliant. They update their documents several times a year because employment laws and awards constantly change. You need to become aware, know the implications, beef up your knowledge and understanding of it, and then roll-out training about all of it as well.

Exploring Cloud-based products

Cloud-based products are usually membership-based models. They provide highly designed, researched and written HR and WHS policies and procedures stored on the cloud which is safe, secure and up to date.

What to look for and consider in cloud-based programs:

When choosing a cloud-based HR and WHS provider, it is important to do your homework. Think ahead about the considerations and things you want to have for your business such as customising the product or adding your own policies and procedures in the program.

One big thing to ask about is the amount of help and support you have. How much help will be available? Are they available on call? What are the fees?

Another consideration would be the cost. Often, the better the program, the steeper the investment. In my opinion, the investment is totally worth it as it will keep you updated in everything should your circumstances require it. If you are serious about growing your business, I strongly urge you to see this as an investment and not an expense. Get it sooner rather than later, especially before starting a team.

Pros and Cons of Cloud-based Programs:


  • Internet issues can be a hurdle.


  • The program is elegant, effective and efficient. It holds all your HR, WHS, and all other important documents on the cloud.
  • All activities are recorded, everything is time stamped, you can update documents anywhere, tag persons who are involved and they all get notifications.
  • Compliance, checking in and signing in is a breeze. It’s hard to get this workflow when you are paper-based or using other applications where you save your documents such as Dropbox, email, etc.
  • Training videos, audio recordings can be stored in the program on the cloud as well. Your team can be alerted about these and all their activity on it such as reviewing and signing off are time-stamped too.
  • Adding and storing your own policies, procedures, and other important documents such as position descriptions, contacts, letters of employment, performance reviews, performance development plans – practically anything you need will all be smoother and easier to access online.
  • Will make onboarding easier for new teammates with all the information available right in front of them with a click of a button.
  • Ability to set security and access levels on all files.
  • No more paper files, documents and bits and pieces all over the office!

Improving the state of your onboarding policies and procedures

Permanent references will be available to your staff whenever they need it – either during the course of their onboarding or when they just need to refresh their minds about the policies, procedures, or their responsibilities. This is very critical for staff. Onboarding should go on for the first 100 days (or even longer!) – and when you implement this, it’s going to make a remarkable difference for your team.

The Evolution of Training Modules

Having a cloud-based HR and WHS platform means that you can go all out with creative training modules such as using video and audio, creating infographics, checklists and all sorts of things to make learning lively, engaging, practical and easier to digest for the new recruit. We know that it’s going to build some deep and significant memories for how you want things done in your business.

Performance Development

Banish your paper files for everything related to performance development. Scan your documents and share it on the platform. No need to worry with access, you can specify members security and access levels on all the files in your online platform.

The platforms also help you measure compliance. Everything has timestamps and activity records of when and what has been done. Everything is recorded about how up to date each of your employees are about your policies and procedures. This also shouts NDIS audit.

Exiting Clinicians

This one has happened to the best of us – an exiting clinician soliciting clients during the course of their employment and taking these clients with them when they go. It happened to me and it was dreadful. But it prompted us to dig in and review many aspects of our policies, procedures and communication systems.

Having an HR WHS advisor in your pocket gives you a whole lot of intelligence so that you can work as smart as possible to prevent that scenario of a clinician leaving with your clients from even happening. It gives you the ability to make your contracts crystal clear about policies and procedures such as the standard of behaviour expected from the clinician and their obligation to the business and business owner. It will help you police it a little bit more assertively. It will also be more encouraging to have someone in your corner in handling conversations with existing clinicians with clients.

Getting help from HR and WHS specialists

Get your contracts reviewed and future-proof them with an HR specialist as best you possibly can.

There are so many cloud-based platforms that have everything you possibly need. There are also really good specialist HR and WHS support there to work alongside us as business owners to make sure that we understand it, understand how it’s relevant to us, that we’re compliant with our legal obligations and that we’re running the best possible business from the HR WHS point of view.

Cristopher Smith, CEO of Happy HR, presenting at the PPVC 2019

Christopher Smith, CEO of Happy HR, is coming in to present at the PPVC 2019 on May 31st. He’s going to be presenting on 3 topics:

  1. Independent contractors vs. employees – what do you need to know?
  2. Onboarding your team for success and sustainability.
  3. Understanding and enforcing restraint clauses in your contract.

5 Top Takeaways

  • Don’t be shy. Seek specialist HR and WHS guidance. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know. This is legally binding and there are fines.
  • Seriously explore cloud-based programs coupled with a real human – someone in your corner who can help you understand and help you prevent HR WHS pickles.
  • Review your documents and business needs. You are never too small to have cloud-based programs and specialist HR support.
  • Check how solid your onboarding program is. Does it go for 100 days? Just go for more. Is it super structured, systematic, and measurable? Are you getting feedback and adjusting it every time a new teammate comes in? Is it delivered by you? is it actually trainable so that others in the business can deliver with your oversight? Is it multimedia so that you burn those really powerful memories? Do you have other training programs and training modules that you need to host somewhere? Are you looking for a cloud-based option for all of your other policies, procedures and business documents?
  • Double down on employment and independent contracting contracts. In particular, get some advice on those restraints that you choose around clinicians exiting and work really assertively to understand and prevent clinicians from leaving with your clients.
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