5 ways to Promote an Organisational Culture

If you’ve ever worked in an organisation, you must be familiar with the phrase – “that’s the way we do things around here” – which, refers to the company’s organisational culture. Organisational culture, simply put, is a set of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that are in line with the company’s goals and thereby influence the behaviour of those within an organisation. So, the way your employees dress, act or respond to situations and a whole lot more all depend upon how you/your leader has set the organisational culture.


Not only can your company’s culture develop a distinctive brand image, but it also allows the employees to feel a sense of belonging within the company. Moreover, since these values align with your company’s objectives, employees who are involved in the culture will help your company stay on track with its identity and purpose. Here are five ways to promote a thriving organisational culture within your company:


  1. Clear communication of your mission: Employees who are unaware of the company’s vision and goals are detrimental to the company’s overall performance. As a leader, ensure that all employees are not only aware of the company’s goals, but also how their job supports them. Moreover, it would be helpful to communicate the standard language used within business communications (e.g.: clients not patients, therapy not treatment….).


  1. Give credit where it’s due: As a leader, you are put on a pedestal in the mentality of an employee. A compliment or an acknowledgement of their work can make a significant impact. When you recognise someone’s work or their efforts, you make the employee feel valued.


  1. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk too: It’s easy for employees to recognise instances where actions that have taken place are not in line with the company’s values. Your actions speak louder than words so make sure that what you do aligns with what you promote. Identify instances where you think your employees have genuinely highlighted the company’s culture and tell the stories to new employees and recruits, so they too can understand that your slogans have real-life narratives.


  1. Promote Activities: One of the simplest ways to encourage a culture within an organisation is to create events that foster the values of the company. For instance, volunteering at a local non-profit organisation, student support centre or a community event that aligns with the company’s mission.


  1. Have a handbook: This might sound a bit much but having a guide that discusses your company’s culture in detail will help recruits to adapt quickly. It does not have to be a massive encyclopaedia. Instead, a simple handbook encompassing the organisation’s core values – what it means and its real-life application. Make sure you update it regularly and send snippets through weekly e-mails to your employees as a reminder.


A company’s success greatly depends on its culture dynamics. After all, the culture you set within a company quickly becomes your brand.  By implementing the ideas mentioned previously, you can boost your business and help your team enjoy the work they do.


How would you describe your organisational culture?


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