5 Things You Need to Know About Selling Products Online (E-Commerce)

20th March 2017

Guest Writer – Anthony Lieu from LegalVision

1. Selling products online and running an ecommerce store is a very popular business strategy.
You need three main legal documents in order to run your ecommerce store; sale terms and  conditions, website terms of use and a privacy policy.

2. Your sale terms and conditions set out the terms under which you sell your products to your customers.
These should address what you provide and how you provide it. Delivery, payment, refunds and returns (set out in a refund policy, which should be part of your sale terms), all need to be dealt with in your sale terms.

3. Your sale terms also need to set out the Australian consumer law mandatory consumer guarantees.
They should also limit your business liability to the extent possible. An example would be  disclaiming any liability if a customer uses a product that you sell in a way it shouldn’t be used and an injury occurs.

4. Every e-commerce site also needs website terms of use, which govern your relationship with visitors to your site.
These cover issues such as copyright, protecting your intellectual property including photos of  your products, permissible use of the website, and limiting liability for viruses.

5. Finally, make sure you have a website privacy policy that complies with the Australian Privacy Act.
Running a successful ecommerce site generally involves marketing to your customers. By law, you need to set out what personal information you collect, how you collect it and how you will disclose and use it. You also need to set out client rights to complain and contact you regarding their personal information.

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Author Bio:  Anthony is a lawyer and Marketing Director at LegalVision.  He has a keen interest in startup law, IT law and scaling fast-growing businesses. He has a strong understanding in how start-ups operate at all stages and navigating the myriad of legal issues surrounding online businesses

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