5 product ideas that make your business stand out from the crowd

In business coach speak, products are anything that you sell. They may be therapy services, clinical mentoring, groups or widgets such as toys, books, and resources. I tend to hear of a lot of allied health businesses all doing much the same thing. Let’s dial up the trailblazing behaviour and get creative about how we deliver services. I have let my imagination run wild with these ideas and fully expect you to leap off the page into your own creativity.

Sibling success.

3 sessions during January when brothers and sisters attend the clinic. They have been waiting for their turn and now they can get a piece of the action. Think of quick and easy shared play fun, such as construction toys, arts and crafts, drawing, and more. Brighten it all up with goodie bags with stickers, balloons, pencils, scrapbooks, fidgets and treats. Maybe even a big present of a game they can play together, an Orchard Game springs to mind.

Handwriting express.

3 sessions prior to school to quickly revise concepts and brush off the holiday rustiness. Package includes a handwriting book, writing pencils, grips, drawing book, stickers, and treats.

Group play date.

Select a park or play venue (check with owners) and a consecutive day and time e.g. Tuesdays 9.30 – 10.30. Nut out the purpose and pricing of the group, invite them, deliver. This is ideal for a 5-week parent get-together group, social language, balance and coordination, play skills, or even fussy eaters. Bundle it up with a parenting book, laminated and branded tip sheets, and a toy associated with the theme of the group.

Body builders.

5 fast-paced sessions attended by parent and child to get that body moving. If you (or a team mate) have a talent for yoga, dance, martial arts, swap in your preferred skill set. Delight your enthusiastic participants with a back pack, ball, record book, stopwatch, branded handouts, yoga mat, as appropriate to your theme.

Community skills.

Meet your client in the community for specialist coaching to develop language, money, mobile phone use, planning skills, and more. Ideal for upper primary and secondary clients. Design a program that has a theme each week, targeted activities, and prep all the branded support resources needed.

Junior Journalist.

For clients who would rather talk their ideas than write them down. Set them up for success by working through the planning, dotting points, speaking to IPhone cameras, listening back, writing / typing it out, adding photos ready for the newspaper. Gift a notebook, pencil, stickers, and earbuds for the official reported look.

Ok, so I was on a roll and wrote up 6 ideas. What has triggered your imagination for future unique products that your private practice could provide?

Cathy works as a Paediatric Private Practice business coach.  Her lived private practice experience and management know how may be just what you and your business need.  Get in touch today and book your free 30 minute consult.