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2020 has definitely not been a year that we expected! And when we think about the survival of allied health business owners, teams, clients – our team at NACRE Consulting can’t salute you enough for all the work that you’ve achieved! We want to be able to continue supporting your growth through this time and here are some tips you need to be doing during this time.

We’ll also be announcing something big that’s coming up for you this year to help you accelerate your business prosperity. Read on to find out more!


Debrief yourself on what happened in 2020.

As a business owner, find a good hour to do a full and remarkable day brief of what you’ve experienced in 2020. There is an incredible goal to excavate behind all the fatigue, decision making, and adrenaline you went through. 

Dig into the work you have done strategically, operationally, tactically, in your businesses during the last 3-4 months. A very simple framework will do the job.

If you have a day brief document use this to evaluate what you have achieved, learnings, and losses. 


Have a logbook to keep track of things.

Have a logbook to keep track of things you’ve said or done. If you already have one, this is a great time to read through it to check on the outcome of your strategies and semi-crisis situations moving forward.


Continue learning and training.

If you are a part of our business continuity club, continue your training and learning. Very early in March and we had a webinar with nearly 200 people on it. It is essential for us to use this time to be productive and enhance our skills as business owners.


Allied Health Businesses in the phase of recovery.

Recovery is different from each of you. You may go back to face-to-face services, stage services or a hybrid model of telehealth and face-to-face. Document everything, have people sign things about the next level of staging and decisions.


Our big announcement!

We at NACRE Consulting have been listening to what allied health business owners need now in terms of continuity and recovery. We are working with the industry thinkers and thought leaders of what we think about business owners will require and benefit from next.

We are super excited that on July 24th we are having our 4th private practice online conference on helping you accelerate business prosperity.

We just love the energy that the word prosperity brings. We truly believe that the best of 2020 is yet to come. The best of business in 2020 is yet to come

We have a rockstar lineup you’ll definitely enjoy!

  1. Chantelle – Robards 
  2. Darren Reick – Nookal
  3. Yianni Serpanos – coreplus
  4. Damien Adler – Power Diary
  5. Michael Pollard – Accountant at Port Phillip Group
  6. Angela Pollard – Financial Planner Port Phillip Group 
  7. Chris Stenhouse and Leanne Wilshire – Professional Bookkeeping Services 
  8. Anna Osherov and Letitia Grezes – marketing specialists

In a few weeks’ time we are going to be bending our minds around to what 2021 financial year will look like. So the best way we believe can help you is to bring you the private practice online conference and hope to accelerate your business prosperity.

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