5 tips to choose a winning publishing team for your book

Whether you’re choosing between self-publishing companies or you’re weighing up different designers or editors, there are a number of questions to ask when choosing the right publishing team for you.

How your professional registration is only a small part of the Quality and Safeguards Commission certification process.

As I absorb online and offline commentary I detect angst as to why as registered allied health professionals who run businesses even need to complete the verification or certification process.
Digital Marketing Myths

Persistent Myths about Digital Marketing, Debunked!

To have a full understanding of digital marketing and remove any misconceptions, it must first be defined. Digital marketing can mean a lot of things—it’s a bit of an umbrella term.

Policies and Procedures, recipes for your business success.

We all love a good recipe, tried and trusted, everybody can use it and it works every time.

Risks of Hosting Practice Data in the Cloud Vs. Locally

Software involving the “cloud” is becoming ever more popular amongst health professions due to the myriad of benefits it delivers.

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